Погоды стоят

(clears throat, puts on “Sound of silence” track)

Hello pavement my old friend
I haven’t seen you since Advent.
Because of snow softly faaaallin’
Fallin’ down day, night and moorning,
Falling down, for the whole freeZZing month!
(well, two weeks)
Who knew it coooould be that cold.

I dream of summer and I groan,
I feel all frozen to the bone,
‘neath the layers of my polar fleece
My skin collected bumps of flock of geese,
All that ice, that just refused to goooo away
(despite the salt)
We touched by breath of Winter.

And in those weeks I heard and saw
Some things I never heard before:
People taking all beach sand away,
People stealing salt from piles (come on?!),
People helping other people with the snow
(seen before),
This is time of strange news.

My favourite place came crashing down,
May never shoot another round.
Hear our words – that was the best place,
Will we ever see the Gym replaced?
Will the city build a new one? Let us hope.
(not too much)
Oh, Arenex, we’ll miss you.

We’re now riddled with the rain,
(ah, yet another ‘couver pain),
Weatherman reads out a warning,
“Strong yet warm rain front is forming”,
And it’s dark, and oh-so-gloomy outside
(at 3 pm)
And I whisper: “Sun, come back, we miss you”.