Терри Пратчетт в роли пасхального кролика

Дочитала (перечитала) Wyrd Sisters. Нашла пасхальные яйца и там. Заведу себе новый тэг, пожалуй…

Witches Abroad

Most people, on waking up, accelerate through a quick panicky pre-consciousness check-up: who am I, where am I, who is he/she, good god, why am I cuddling a policeman’s helmet, what happened last night?

Это такая национальная британская народная забава – шлемы у полицейских воровать. Одного из персонажей Вудхауза – Берти Вустера – за это оштрафовали на пять фунтов.


“Well, maybe I’m only No. 2,” said Casanunda. “But I try harder.”

Когда Hertz был первым, а AVIS вторым, AVIS придумали себе такую рекламу – “We’re number two, but we try harder”. Не знаю, работало ли оно, но этот слоган вошел в “Positioning. The battle for your mind”.


Wyrd Sisters

Hwel страдает над пьесой:

It was like the other idea about the two clowns, one fat, one thin . . . Thys ys amain Dainty Messe youe have got me into, Stanleigh . . .

Это Laurel&Hardy. Пара комиков тридцатых-сороковых годов: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurel_and_Hardy#Catchphrases


Presently he began to write.
All the Disc it is but an Theater, he wrote, Aite alle men and wymmen are but Players. He made the mistake of pausing, and another inspiration sleeted down, sending his train of thought off along an entirely new track.
He looked at what he had written and added: Except Those who selle popcorn.
After a while he crossed this out, and tried: Like unto thee Staje of a Theater ys the World, whereon alle Persons strut as Players.
This seemed a bit better.
He thought for a bit, and continued conscientiously: Sometimes they walke on. Sometimes they walke off.

Этот кусок не узнать сложно, по-моему 🙂


Hwel hoisted himself on to the edge of the narrow bed.
‘Funny old things, dreams,’ he said.
‘Not much funny about that one.’
‘No, but I mean, last night, I had this dream about a little bandy-legged man walking down a road,’ said Hwel. ‘He had a little black hat on, and he walked as though his boots were full of water.’
Tomjon nodded politely.
‘Yes?’ he said. ‘And—?’
‘Well, that was it. And nothing. He had this little cane which he twirled and, you know, it was incredibly . . .’

Это тоже ясно кто.

Ну а уж Леонардо да Винчи сложно было не узнать.