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Come as you are…to experience the unique practice meant to activate dormant parts of the mental body.
Through the special sequence of movements we will create conditions to decode the consciousness to unite the brain parts into the structure which corresponds with the potential crystalline nature of our brain.
Our intention is to awaken neurons to trigger our DNA to produce cells of the higher functions. It will allow us to rewire our brain neuronal network to get tuned to macro-cosmic processes. This change will assist in expanding of our perception and bettering brain functions.
Introduction.Tea ceremony.
Tuning with Aroma meant to balance the breathing and enhance the endocrine system properties.
Atlantean Ritual practice.

Ну и сказали бы просто: собираемся выпить специального чаю и замедитировать. Нет же – у них мозг кристаллический, ДНК внезапно производит клетки, и всеобщая синхронизация. Отпад.