Пришло от big_blue_heron. Вопросы задаются детям. Я их поймала по отдельности.
Пете – вот-вот 14, Яне – 10.

What is something I say a lot?
P: Clean your room
Y: clean up, Yana. Do the dishes.

What makes me happy?
P: A clean room
Y: when I get good grades and I clean up.

What makes me sad?
P: A room that not clean
Y: when me and Peter are misbehaving

How tall am I?
P: 5’7″?
Y: 5’7″
(во мне 5 футов и 4 дюйма. Должно быть, осанка :))

What is my favourite food?
P: Sweet stuff
Y: roastbeef sandwiches

What is my favourite drink?
P: tea
Y: tea

If I could go anywhere where would it be?
P: somewhere warm
Y: Mexico

How do I annoy you?
P: Telling me to clean my room
Y: there is a bunch of reasons

What is my favourite TV show?
P: Своя игра
Y: it’s kind of like Lucifer and kind of like Firefly… I don’t know what is it called.

What is my favourite music to listen to?
P: Salsa
Y: Latin

What is my job?
P: Computer programmer
Y: you work in the Black Press as a computer person

What is my favourite colour?
P: Purple
Y: green